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Dental Emergency Dentistry in NE Calgary, AB

When faced with an unforeseen dental emergency, you need a dentist who can quickly alleviate your pain and suffering, as well as save your teeth. Zen Dental is a reputable dental practice that offers emergency dentistry in Calgary. We provide same-day emergency services to help our patients address their dental emergencies within favorable timelines.

Common Dental Emergencies

We provide emergency care for different types of dental emergencies, including:

Tooth pain

Dental Pain

Dental pain is often indicative of a serious underlying problem. The sooner you get attention for your toothache, the better your chances of treating the underlying issues and avoiding long-term complications.

Broken Tooth photo

Broken Tooth

A tooth may become broken as a result of a traumatic injury or because of cavities. Whatever the reasons behind it, you must get immediate care for a broken tooth. Timely care prevents infection and saves you tons of embarrassment.

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Abscesses & Infections

Untreated dental abscesses and infection can spread to other parts of your body and cause irreversible damage. If you have swellings or lesions of any kind, call our dentist near you so we can give you the dental care that you require. If you’re having breathing difficulties because of swelling, call your nearest emergency room as this can be life-threatening.

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Traumatic or Accidental Injuries

Traumatic injuries can be sustained during sports-related accidents, car accidents, etc. Traumatic blows to your jaw, teeth, and other parts of your oral cavity can have long-term consequences. It’s best to see our dentist in Calgary immediately for emergency care.

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Knocked-Out or Avulsed Teeth

If you get to us in good time, there’s a good chance that our dentist in Calgary can re-attach your knocked-out tooth. Remember to place the knocked-out tooth back in the tooth socket or a glass of milk and then come to our dental office immediately.

Simple and Effective Ways of Preventing Dental Emergencies

While we understand that not all dental emergencies can be prevented, we know that many of them can. As such, we advise our patients to take practical steps to lower their chances of developing sudden, severe dental problems. In particular:

  • Always wear a custom mouthguard when engaging in sports.
  • Avoid opening bottles with your teeth. Don’t bite your nails, either.
  • Practice proper dental hygiene to prevent tooth decay.
  • Schedule regular dental exams at Zen Dental so our dentist near you can catch problems before they escalate.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

If you need urgent dental care, here are some questions people ask when looking for an emergency dentist near me.

What is the most common dental emergency?

While there are many dental emergencies, one of the most common ones that our emergency dental clinic near NE Calgary sees is a toothache that won’t go away.

How do you handle dental emergencies?

Depending on the type of emergency, you should head immediately to an emergency clinic; most dental emergencies can cause serious problems if left untreated.

What can you do about toothache on weekends?

You should try to find a weekend dentist that offers emergency dental services. If not, salt water rinses, cold compresses, and over-the-counter medication can ease the pain.

Is a cavity a dental emergency

A cavity can be a dental emergency if the pain becomes too severe or the cavity becomes infected.

How do I take care of a dental emergency?

You should never try to deal with a dental emergency alone. Instead, you should head to your local emergency dental clinic and be seen right away. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

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