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Missing teeth can create numerous problems, one of which is the challenge of compromised self-confidence. Gaps in your teeth can also cause your remaining teeth to shift positions, thus causing bite problems and chewing difficulties. Where an individual has lost a significant number of teeth, there’s the risk of bite or facial collapse. Facial collapse is the change in facial structure that occurs as a result of bone atrophy—the loss of bone density caused by loss of teeth.

Replacement teeth restore the beauty and function of your teeth. Zen Dental is a leading dental practice that provides various smile restoration alternatives. Call us today if you’re interested in dentures in Calgary.

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Dentures Treatment Process

A denture comprises of replacement teeth that are supported by a gum-colored base. There are two main types of dentures—complete and partial. Full dentures are required by patients who have lost all of their teeth. If you still have some of your teeth remaining, you’ll need partial dentures.

The process of getting dentures is a two-visit affair. During your first appointment, our dentist in Calgary will assess your suitability for dentures and then take dental impressions. During your second visit, our dentist fits you with your custom dentures.

Benefits of Dentures

For our valued patients who are missing several or all of their teeth, dentures offer various advantages, including:

  • Dentures improve your chewing ability as well as your speech.
  • You don’t require surgery to get dentures.
  • You can get dentures even if you’ve undergone bone atrophy after tooth loss.
  • You only require two appointments to get dentures.
  • Dentures improve your appearance and the aesthetics of your smile.

Tooth loss can be devastating. Fortunately, tooth loss doesn’t have to mean the end of you smiling. With the right intervention, you can restore the full function and aesthetic of your smile. If you’d like to discuss your teeth replacement options with our dentist near you, call Zen Dental today. Besides dentures, we have other alternatives that you can explore with our experienced and compassionate dentist. We’re here for you, and our greatest satisfaction is when we help our patients smile with confidence again.

Dentures FAQs

If you are considering partial or full dentures, these frequently asked questions may help you decide.

What is a denture in dentistry?

A denture is a dental appliance that restores missing teeth. It is a set of false teeth fixed to the mouth with denture adhesive.

Are dentures healthy for your teeth?

Dentures are not unhealthy for teeth because they are considered a replacement for missing teeth. You still have to clean and take care of dentures similarly to how you would real teeth.

How long is the process for getting dentures?

While it varies depending on the denture clinic near me that you choose, upper partial dentures and removable partial dentures can be done in a few days, with a full set of dentures taking up to two weeks.

How do you clean and fix dentures?

Soak dentures in water with cleaning tablets to clean them daily. Take the dentures to a dentist to have them repaired.

Is it OK to sleep with dentures?

While it is possible to sleep with dentures in, it is not advised. Dentures need to be cleaned frequently, and most people do this while they sleep.

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