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One of the things that make dental procedures successful is the use of sedating agents. Truly, the type of equipment employed and the skills and creativity of dental experts influences the outcome of dental procedures. However, to make the treatment process favorable and comfortable for patients, sedation dentistry is important.

Many patients that go through dental treatments with sedation agents in their favor live to tell a beautiful story of their experiences. For the rest of them, dental treatments can be rather daunting and traumatizing.

What Is Sedation Dentistry? 

It is a specialty of dentistry that allows dentists in NE Calgary to deliver their best works. Ideally, it is the use of sedation agents to perform dental treatments. The sedative agents play the role of improving the experience for both the patient and the dentist.

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Types of Sedation in Dentistry 

An important thing to master about sedation dentistry is that it employs different types of sedating agents. The idea is that not every patient is the same. Adding to that, the type of procedure you undergo determines the type of sedative that would be right for you. Knowing that the following types of sedatives are commonly employed in dental treatments:

  • Oral sedation – involves the intake of sedation agents orally. Oral sedation dentistry near you entails swallowing a pill or two, an hour or so before your treatment. It is a common way for patients to be sedated for oral procedures. The number of pills you get will depend on how much you need to be sedated for your treatment.
  • Inhaled sedation – it is also a simple way to sedate patients, which involves breathing in laughing gas. The gas is passed through a face mask that is placed over your nose. The gas is usually in combination with oxygen. Inhaled sedation helps you remain calm and relaxed during your treatment. Most patients are awake when this type of sedation is used. Only on rare occasions will patients fall asleep, although not a deep sleep. The best part is that the concentration of the sedative can be reduced or increased appropriately during your treatment.
  • IV sedation dentistry – it is the use of an injection to deliver the sedating agent into the bloodstream of the patient. This type of sedation targets the veins of a patient to ensure that the medication gets straight into the bloodstream. This is why it is considered the fastest way of sedating patients. It comes pretty in handy for emergency dental procedures that require swift action to treatment. Another benefit is that the sedative medication can be regulated while you undergo treatment.
  • General anesthesia – it is termed as deep sedation, having that it puts you in a deep sleep during treatment. It is mostly used for long intricate surgical procedures that require you to be under for a long period. The effects of this anesthesia do not wear off quickly like is the case with laughing gas. Therefore, you would need some time to allow the effects to wear off as well as another medication to counter the effects of the sedative.
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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry 

Each sedation agent is used as a safety measure to ensure that patients are well taken care of during dental procedures. Some of the benefits of sedation include:

  • Treating dental anxiety – more people than you would imagine suffering from dental anxiety. It is a fear that creeps in due to previous traumatic experiences that shape your perception of dental treatments. With sedation, your mind is fully at ease to experience the new treatment differently.
  • Alleviates pain and discomfort – pain is one of the reasons why people deter from going through with dental procedures. With sedation, your mouth remains numb during the treatment, improving your comfort levels.
  • Creates feelings of pleasure – sedation agents like laughing gas create feelings of euphoria, making you associate dental treatments with beautiful memories instead of traumatic experiences.
  • Improves precision and expertise – trained and experienced as they are, dental experts require reinforcement from sedation agents to work effectively. The environment of work for a dentist is a tight small quarter. Without stillness, it is hard to achieve the best results for patients.
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