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Any issue that pertains to the health and proper growth and development of your child should be held in high regard. This is something almost every parent firmly believes. This is why you will find that they will have a dedicated pediatric doctor they entrust with their children’s medical welfare.

It is essential to understand that your child’s oral health plays a massive role in the overall health and development of your child. Consequently, as a parent, you need to pay the utmost attention to your child’s dental health.

The first step in doing so is by ensuring that your child regularly visits our dentistry for children in NE Calgary.

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Why Is It Necessary For Your Child To Visit A Pediatric Dentistry?

You are probably wondering why your child has to see our pediatric dental specialists, instead of working with your general dentist.

Our kids’ dentist near you, unlike your general dentist, is trained and certified to handle all dental issues that may arise in children. This is because any pediatric dentist has to undergo an additional two-year residency after completing their initial four years in dental school.

Within this two year residency, they are trained to care for the gums, teeth, and oral health of children in all ages, throughout every developmental stage.

They also are taught child psychology and how to maneuver and work with all children, including special needs children.

Our pediatric dental specialists have experience caring for children’s dental health from infancy all through to their teenage hood years.

Maintaining your child’s dental health is necessary .it guarantees that they are protected against dental issues such as decay and cavities, which can cause harrowing future dental complications.

What Dental Services Are Available In Our Pediatric Dentistry?

Our dentistry for children in NE Calgary serves several children from within Calgary and the surrounding areas. We do offer our little and young patients an array of dental services that include;

  • Conducting oral health examinations in infants, geared towards assessing their potential risk of suffering from tooth decay or cavities
  • Providing preventive dental care services such as thorough cleaning sessions, application of dental sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Assessing for orthodontic issues like improper bites or crowded teeth, and coming up with treatment plans to resolve these issues
  • Treating and eradicating pediatric periodontal diseases and infections such as mouth ulcers and mucoceles
  • Giving parents sound advice and tips on nutrition and diet to boost their children’s oral development
  • Looking for alternatives to rule out bad habits such as thumb or tongue sucking, that affect your child’s dental development
  • Repairing cavities and any other dental defects
  • Providing treatment for injuries and dental emergencies such as broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Diagnosing dental issues that are linked to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and cardiac diseases
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Advantages of Taking Your Child to Our Pediatric Dentistry

Several benefits come with allowing your children’s dental health to be in the hands of our kids’ dentist near you. Here are some of those outstanding benefits;

  • Your child’s Dental Health Will Be Maintained by Experts.

Our dental team consists of pediatric dental specialists that are trained to handle all pediatric dental conditions. This means that they can promptly single out and address dental issues quickly before they escalate into more complex situations.

  • Child – friendly environment

Our pediatric dentistry is customized to make our young patients feel right at home. The walls are colorfully painted and the spaces filled with kid-sized furniture, to put them at ease before they can see our dentist.

This environment tends to calm them down, unlike the white and sterile background of a regular dental office. A child- friendly space can translate into a less strained dental visit altogether because if a child feels safe and comfortable, they tend to be less anxious during dental procedures.

  • Experienced and child- friendly staff

This is important because it can mean a vast difference between having a frantic or relaxed dental visit. It is usual for children to suffer from dental anxiety or phobia; they dread all visits to the dentist.

Our friendly dental team has worked with several children, including children with special needs; they know how to calm children down during dental procedures.

Visit our pediatric dentistry at Zen Dental and let us help you improve and maintain your child’s dental health.

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