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Dental Implants Near You

If you’ve been searching for a dentist in NE Calgary that is a dental implant specialist, then look no further than the expert team at Zen Dental. Our dentists have already helped countless patients discover how a dental implant procedure can improve the appearance and functionality of their smiles – and we can help you discover the same benefits too!

Although there are other tooth replacement options available such as dental bridges and full or partial dentures, there is no substitute for the durability and natural look that dental implants provide.

Additional Benefits of Dental Implants

Additional Benefits of Dental Implants

You may think that living with a missing tooth is not that big of a sacrifice, especially if the tooth is in the back of your mouth and can’t be seen by others when you laugh, talk, or eat. But did you know there are reasons beyond appearance that dental implants near you should be considered?

When you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth, a few structural things begin to happen. First, your jawbone loses the stimulation it was receiving from the missing tooth to prevent bone loss. And when bone loss occurs – which it will – changes in the structure of your facial appearance around your mouth will make you appear older than your actual age. But when a dental implant is in place, your jawbone receives the same stimulation that your natural tooth provided and prevents your face from changing in appearance.

Along the same lines as changes in your facial shape, not replacing a missing tooth can change the shape of your remaining teeth as they shift from their original location to fill the gap that was created when you lost your tooth. Not only is this shifting painful, but it creates additional spaces between your teeth for food to become trapped, leading to decay and further tooth loss.

Another reason to consider dental implants in NE Calgary from our dentists near is that they are permanently anchored into your jaw, which means you can enjoy the same bite force when eating that you once did with your natural tooth. When you choose an option such as dentures or bridges as your replacement option, they will not restore the same bite force, and you may have to abstain from enjoying certain foods in the future.

Timing of Your Tooth Replacement

Timing of Your Tooth Replacement

Our dental implants specialist recommends that patients replace a missing tooth as quickly as possible to avoid the conditions mentioned above. However, even if you’ve had a missing tooth for a while already, your smile’s appearance and health can still benefit from a dental implant to prevent bone loss and the other complaints discussed.

Rather than facing those eventualities, it’s easy to book an appointment for a consultation for dental implants in NE Calgary at Zen Dental. Our dentists in our comfortable spa-like office will design a treatment plan for your missing tooth, including a timeline for treatment with convenient weekend appointment times.

We know that taking time away from work, school, or other activities during the week can be difficult for some patients, especially when undergoing a multiple-appointment procedure such as a dental implant in Calgary, AB.

Modern Dentistry at Zen Dental

Modern Dentistry at Zen Dental

When choosing a dentist in NE Calgary for your implant procedure, it’s crucial to select an office such as Zen Dental that incorporates the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure that your procedure is as successful, comfortable, and pain-free as possible.

Not only is our professional staff here to listen to your concerns, but we’re here to work with you on an individual basis and provide solutions through our integrated technology and compassion for every patient.

We know that every patient has different dental care needs, including some patients being concerned about the time required for a dental implant procedure. Combining our advanced technology and being available for appointments seven days a week underscore that our dentists in NE Calgary are here to deliver the same top-tier care that many others have already experienced from Zen Dental.

Ready to Reclaim Your Smile?

There is no better time than now to reclaim the health and function of your smile with an implant from our implant specialist at Zen Dental.

If you’ve been considering dental implants near you as a way to improve your smile, our professional dentists and staff are here to answer your questions. We can design a treatment plan customized to your needs, including sedation dentistry, if requested.

We invite you to book an appointment now to learn more about the expert care you’ll receive in dental implants and the many other cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services we provide in our comfortable, spa-like dental clinic near you.

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