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You and your family most probably have a dental clinic in NE Calgary, that you regularly visit for dental-related issues and concerns. Doing so has enabled you to develop an excellent relationship with your dentist, and you would rather not go anywhere else for your dental procedures.

Most patients, due to this fact, do not bother to have the contacts of a trustworthy emergency dentist in NE Calgary.

It would be best if you always kept in mind that dental emergencies are unforeseeable, which means that you will not be able to schedule such a dental visit like you usually do with other dental procedures.

You can never anticipate when you will need to locate our emergency dentist in NE Calgary, or when you would need to rush to our emergency dental clinic near you.

Your regular dentist may not always be available during a dental emergency. It would be best if you always had the contacts of a reliable emergency dentist near you that you can count on during a dental emergency.

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Emergency Dentist On Call?

Dental emergencies can occur when your regular dentist is out for the day or unavailable over the winter holidays. This means that you will be lost as to where you can go for treatment during such a time.

This is why you should have in mind our emergency dentist in NE Calgary, who can step in for your regular dentist and resolve your dental issue.

If you are having a hard time zeroing in on an emergency dental facility that you and your loved ones can visit, you can ask your family dentist to recommend one.

Dental emergencies are time-sensitive, and you will not have the time or patience to calmly look for an emergency dentist near you when you are faced with an emergency.

This is why you have to have the contacts of our emergency dental clinic in NE Calgary beforehand to ensure you get access to professional and prompt emergency dental services.

When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist?

Besides knowing where to go during your dental emergency, you should also understand what dental issues qualify to be handled as emergencies.

This guideline will help you respond promptly and correctly during a dental emergency and not to overlook such an incident.

Here are some of the dental issues that require immediate treatment:

  • Loose teeth
  • Severe and persistent toothaches or pain
  • Inflammation around your jaw or face
  • Bleeding profusely around or within your oral cavity
  • Swellings or bulges on your gums
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Any sign of an infection within the mouth, usually indicated by a fever, swollen gums, persistent toothache and sensitivity
  • Persistent and recurring mouth ulcers

Common Dental Problems Encountered Within Our Emergency Dental Facility

Here are some of the dental problems our emergency dentist deals with on a day to day basis within our emergency facility:

  • Knocked-out Teeth

This dental emergency requires that you act swiftly. Getting to our dentist in good time increases the possibility of your tooth remaining viable for reinsertion.

If your tooth gets knocked out, you should pick up the affected tooth by the crown and avoid at all cost interfering with the root.

Rinse the tooth out gently and try reinserting it into its socket, if it can’t stay in place, carry it in a cup of milk to ensure it stays moist as you make your way to our dentist.

  • An Abscessed Tooth

This is a severe and possibly life-threatening dental issue. It occurs when a pocket of pus forms on the root of the affected tooth leading to an infection.

It is indicated by a persistent toothache, tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, fever, facial swelling, and foul breath. You need to see our dentist promptly because if this infection remains unchecked, it can spread to other surrounding tissues within the head and neck.

  • Broken and Cracked Teeth

Any fractured teeth that are causing you any pain should be treated promptly. You rinse your mouth with water, apply a cold compress where necessary to reduce facial inflammation, take a pain killer, and rush to our emergency dentistry.

  • Tissue Lacerations and Cuts

Lacerations and tears in or around your oral cavity can lead to excessive bleeding if not addressed in good time. You should rinse out your mouth with some warm water, try and stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the site using gauze, and make your way to our dentist.

  • Loose Teeth

As an adult, you should not have any loose permanent teeth; if you experience any, try and lightly push them back in place. Our dentist will stabilize the affected teeth once you get to our facility.

At Zen Dental, our dental team is always available to cater to all your dental emergencies.

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