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Dentists are oral healthcare professionals who receive training to treat dental conditions affecting you to ensure you enjoy good oral and overall health. The services they offer on weekdays are no different from the services they offer on weekends.

Whether you need routine cleanings and exams or must-have treatment to fill a cavity, you can visit a dentist open on Saturday to accomplish your needs. Dentists working on Saturdays do not limit themselves to dental exams and fillings but also provide a wide range of treatments patients approached them for to deal with conditions with their teeth and gums, injuries, et cetera. Therefore if you do not have sufficient time to schedule appointments with your regular dentist for essential treatments, rest assured you have a dentist working on a weekend to satisfy your goals.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A knocked out or fractured tooth, a loose tooth, loose fillings, crowns, or bridges, bleeding soft tissues of the mouth, and a dental abscess are all considered dental emergencies needing immediate treatment from a dental professional. Unfortunately, dental emergencies have a curious knack of occurring on weekends when you are most relaxed and having a great time with your family.

For example, a knocked-out tooth needs treatment within 30 minutes if you want to prevent searching for tooth replacement solutions at high prices. Any incident that knocks out your tooth cannot wait until Monday before re-insertion back into its socket. Therefore you must get to an emergency dentist with the tooth in a tiny milk container for the best chances of having the tooth splinted to the neighbouring teeth.

A dental abscess is a life-threatening condition needing immediate treatment from a dentist and not any other medical professional. A dental spot is a pimple on your gums near the roots of your teeth and causes excruciating pain besides fever, swelling in the face, and oozing. Dental abscesses result from untreated infections in your tooth reaching the soft center to inflame and infect the dental pulp.

If left untreated dental abscesses are life-threatening because the bacteria in the spot enter into your bloodstream to cause various health complications like heart disease, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Instead of enduring the pain and waiting for the complications to affect you, the better option is to visit an emergency dentist nearby to get the abscess drained and receive painkillers and antibiotics to control the infection. The emergency dentist recommends that you undergo root canal treatment to eradicate the infection in your mouth if you wish to avoid tooth extraction. You must adhere to the dentists advice and schedule an appointment for root canal therapy as soon as possible if you want to safeguard your natural tooth.

Do Emergency Dentists See Patients on Weekends?

Dental emergencies generally occur on weekends when you might get involved in a cycling accident or get impacted on the face if involved in contact sports. A dentist offering weekend dental care would defeat their purpose of working on weekends if they refused to treat dental emergencies.

Weekends are perhaps the days when you have time in possession because you aren’t involved in your hectic schedule and can see the dentist right away to safeguard your oral health. Whether you met with an accident or have severe pain in your tooth, finding a dentist working on weekends helps you receive prompt treatment and relief from the discomfort. Therefore rest assured emergency dentists don’t hesitate to see patients on weekends but welcome them wholeheartedly to provide treatments quickly and alleviate their suffering.

What Other Treatments Do Dentists Offer on Weekends?

Besides offering routine exams and cleanings, the weekend dentist in NE Calgary, AB also helps with wisdom teeth problems, dental cavities, teeth whitening, broken or cracked teeth, dentures, gum disease treatment, and root canal procedures.

Dental emergencies are not a specialty in dentistry and are just a voluntary service provided by dentists to people who cannot visit their regular dentist on weekdays. It is a quirk of fate that dental emergencies favour weekend’s when most dentists are not working. Some, like the Calgary dentist, decide to provide services on Saturdays when you have the time at your disposal to treat any problems affecting your dental health.

If your family member needs dental crowns or veneers or your kid needs Orthodontic evaluation, isn’t it convenient to visit a Saturday dentist seeking their opinion when you are free from work? We are confident you will take advantage of the services provided by dentists working on Saturdays to keep your oral health in prime condition.

Zen Dental provides all services described above on weekends. If you have any issues bothering you or a family member, kindly visit the dental facility to receive the treatments needed.

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