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Did you know a dislodged or knocked out tooth can be placed back to its sockets? Traumatic injuries on your oral tissues have adverse implications on your oral tissues, and it’s essential to visit your emergency dentist for immediate treatment. Making an early appointment after mouth trauma may enable your tooth to be re-implanted and your bleeding controlled. The severity of your injury or oral infection determines whether you require emergency treatment or not.

Your dental health has implications on your overall health. Poor oral hygiene may cause periodontal disease or dental cavities. Diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and cancer are also linked with your oral health. It’s crucial to maintain a suitable oral hygiene regimen by regularly flossing and brushing your teeth and following the ideal dietary lifestyle. You need to visit the emergency dental clinic near NE, Calgary, if you have dental emergencies.

What’s a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies refer to unprecedented occurrences that affect your oral tissues and require immediate medical attention. Excessive bleeding and severe pain on your tooth may require urgent treatment. Life-threatening oral infections may also require an emergency dentist. Our dentist in NE, Calgary, may consider the following issue as dental emergencies:

  • Dislodged tooth or tooth knock-out
  • A dental abscess that leads to severe pain and inflammation
  • Severe and persistent dental pain
  • Post-operative pain from a dental procedure or dental surgery
  • Painful and impacted wisdom teeth
  • Loose fillings or lost dental bridges and crowns
  • A broken tooth that cut your soft oral tissues and causes bleeding
  • Bleeding, reddened, and irritating gums due to periodontal infections
  • Excessive bleeding due to traumatic injury

Defective dental fillings and extensive decay may cause pain, and you need to visit the emergency dentist near you. At our emergency dental clinic near NE, Calgary, we remove stitches, adjust your dentures, and replace loose fillings. If you experience severe pain after root canal therapy or your orthodontic appliances hurt your soft oral tissues, it’s ideal for making an immediate appointment with our specialists.

When Should You Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Failure to address your dental emergency on time may compel you to undergo extensive procedures in the future. It’s crucial to visit your dentist, who’ll determine whether your problem requires emergency treatment or not. Below are some oral issues that may compel you to seek emergency dental care:

Severely Bleeding Gum Tissues

Bleeding gums may indicate you have an underlying gum infection. If your condition is untreated, the infection may spread to other areas. Periodontal diseases are not easily controlled, and you need to seek emergency treatment if you experience bleeding on your gum tissues.

Lost Dental prosthetics

Loose dental prosthetics like flings, veneers, or crowns may require immediate repair or replacement. The prosthetics are crucial in protecting your oral tissues from further damage, and they need to be restored to safeguard your oral tissues from unprecedented issues.

Severe and Persistent Tooth Pain

Toothaches indicate that you have an underlying dental problem, and at Zen Dental, we examine the root cause of your toothache. We may recommend you to take pain relievers and provide you with additional treatment.

Damaged Teeth

Broken, chipped, or fractured teeth can lead to complications. If your fracture reaches your dental pulp, you are likely to have an oral infection. The pulp nourishes your tooth, and if it’s damaged or infected, you may lose your tooth permanently.

Mouth Trauma and Tooth Loss

An impact on your mouth may lead to dislodging of your tooth from its sockets. Traumatic injury may damage your gum tissues and nerves, leading to further complications. A timely visit to the emergency dentist near you may save your tooth from permanent loss.

Our dentist in NE Calgary may provide you with several precautionary measures in handling dental emergencies. We may recommend keeping your knocked-out tooth moist and avoiding touching the tooth root before you visit your dental emergency facility. If your tooth is chipped, we can make the uneven edge smooth to prevent it from causing damage to your soft oral tissues. Dental emergencies may be life-threatening. If you experience severe pain, abnormal growth on your oral tissues, or excessive bleeding, you need to seek immediate treatment. Traumatic injuries may require an appointment with your emergency dentist.

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