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Dentures are perfect teeth replacement options. They help restore dental function and smile by replacing a few or all the teeth in your mouth. Although they resemble natural teeth, dentures need more specialized care. Read on to learn about dentures in NE Calgary, AB, and how to live with them.

How Do You Clean and Care For Your Dentures Properly?

Cleaning dentures properly and caring for them helps prevents various issues. For example, they prevent fungal infections, mouth sores, and cosmetic changes to dentures. It also reduces the risks of gum disease and bad breath. Therefore, you should keep your dentures clean and care for them properly. You can do this by following the tips below.

  1. Brush your dentures twice daily

Brushing dentures removes food debris and plaque build-up, keeping them clean and stain-free. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean your dentures’ surfaces. Do not brush them aggressively to avoid damaging their material.

In addition, do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures. Instead, use cleaning tablets or pastes suitable for dentures. Finally, use warm water to clean your dentures instead of hot water.

  1. Brush your gums and tongue

You can still get fungal infections and gum disease after cleaning your dentures. This occurs when you neglect cleaning your gums and tongue. Bacteria and food debris combine to form plaque. It causes inflammation of the gums. Therefore, you should brush your gums and tongue every day.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your palate, gums, and tongue. If you are using partial dentures, clean and floss the remaining teeth and the rest of your mouth. Use toothpaste but avoid brands that can be abrasive to the dentures.

  1. Soak your dentures

Keep your dentures moist when you are not wearing them. Doing so prevents them from drying out, cracking, and losing shape. Soak them in a clean container filled with warm water and a denture-cleaning tablet. The tablet removes any bacteria and keeps the dentures fresh. Brush and rinse the prosthetics when you remove them from the solution.

  1. Be Careful when handling dentures

Dentures are fragile and can break when they fall on a hard surface. So, take precautions when removing or returning the dentures to your mouth. Cover the surfaces around your countertops with a towel to cushion their fall should you accidentally drop them. Taking care of your dentures helps them to remain in excellent condition and last longer.

The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups and Adjustments for Your Dentures

Dental professionals recommend visiting the dentist regularly for a healthy and attractive smile. In addition, the dentist takes care of your mouth to prevent oral health issues. People with dentures are not exempted from this recommendation. You should attend regular check-ups at a denture clinic near you while using dentures.

During the check-ups, your dentist will help you maintain proper dental hygiene. They will clean your mouth and dentures. This helps to avoid gum disease, bad breath, or denture discoloration. If you have partial dentures, the dentist helps to prevent cavities on the remaining teeth. In addition, they will provide other partial dentures services in NE Calgary.

The dentist will also monitor for health issues affecting your mouth. They will examine your mouth for any changes during the check-ups. Attending check-ups enables dentists to detect signs of oral cancer, gum disease, and denture stomatitis. They will also help balance your nutrition when using dentures.

In addition, the dentist will ensure your dentures fit correctly. Ill-fitting dentures cause discomfort when eating and speaking. Also, they increase the risks of oral health problems. So, every time you visit the dentist, they will ask if your dentures cause soreness, pain, or discomfort. Then, if necessary, they will adjust the devices to fit well and not cause soreness.

In addition, they will check your dentures for ageing or damage. Consequently, they will repair them, helping them to last longer. The dentist may also replace the dentures. The dentist will suggest solutions for issues with wearing or keeping them in place. For example, they may recommend a new type of denture adhesives or implants to stabilize the devices.

Are you considering getting dentures or need existing dentures adjusted? Then contact us at Zen Dental. We provide complete and partial dentures services in NE Calgary.

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