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Just like we have medical emergencies, we have dental ones that need as much attention. This is because delaying treatment can affect your dental health and cause further complications.

The problem with dental accidents is that, at times, you may not know which ones need urgent treatment and the ones that can be handled at home as you wait for the next appointment. Knowing the difference between urgent and non-urgent dental traumas can save you the time and energy visiting emergency dentistry in NE Calgary when you don’t have to.

What are Urgent Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is any bruising or injury that affects the teeth, gums, soft tissues, and dental restorations like braces and bridges. Often, dental trauma will cause pain, swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. Without immediate and proper emergency treatment, you are at an increased risk of developing other complications and even losing your teeth.

Top Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist Immediately

Emergencies happen, and they can happen to anyone. Maybe you got a toothache, and it just wouldn’t go away. The pain may be transient and clear with home remedies. But what if that toothache is something much more serious?

There are several reasons why it’s important to see an emergency dentist immediately near you, and they include:

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1. Toothaches Can be Signs of More Serious Illnesses

Toothaches are usually associated with dental problems such as cavities, gum recession, and tooth decay.

But other causes can lead to toothaches, such as infections, injuries, and tumors.

The pain is usually caused by the inflammation of the nerve which is located in the teeth, gums, or jawbone. Pain can be caused by swelling in the soft tissue or bone around the teeth. There is also an inflammatory process in the nerves near root tips that can cause pain when chewing or biting.

Toothaches are a sign of more serious illnesses and should not be ignored!

2. You Could Have a Broken or Cracked Tooth

The human mouth is home to a diverse range of microbes that can cause disease. The most common oral infections are dental caries, periodontal diseases, and gingivitis.

Dental caries and periodontal diseases can lead to other systemic conditions, such as diabetes or stroke, linked to poor oral health.

3. Tooth Pain Could Indicate an Abscess Forming

Tooth pain is a common symptom of tooth abscesses. A tooth abscess is an infection in the center of a tooth caused by damage to the tooth from deep below the gum line. Tooth pain from a tooth abscess can be throbbing or constant.

The signs that you may have an abscess include:

  • Toothache that persists and gets worse
  • Swelling and red gums
  • Tender and sensitive gums around the affected teeth

Dental abscess does not clear without treatment, and as such, you will need to visit an emergency dental clinic near NE Calgary to keep the infection from spreading to the nearby tissues.

4.Bleeding Gums Could be A Sign of Gum Disease

Gum bleeding is the primary sign of infection or gum disease.

But it is not the only one. Other symptoms include bad breath, pain or sensitivity, and loose teeth or tooth loss. Bleeding gums typically don’t cause any other symptoms besides bad breath. It is crucial to get an immediate checkup to prevent the gum infection from advancing to periodontitis.

5. Loose Teeth Can Affect Your Dental Structure? 

The teeth can loosen when there are dental fillings, when the tooth is too short, or if there is a fracture on the tooth. Loose teeth may also happen because of the alignment of your teeth and how they fit together.

The effects of loose teeth vary from person to person. Regardless of the cause of the loose teeth, without proper treatment, the socket and the teeth nerves can be affected. That is why you need to seek dental care near you for treatment if you have loose teeth.

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What Happens When You Delay Treatment?

Delaying dental treatment can lead to other complications like loss of your permanent teeth. Tooth extraction comes with other dental problems like jaw degradation and weak teeth. You will also need other treatments like bridges or implants to restore the missing teeth.

Not getting urgent assistance can cause the infection to spread to the surrounding tissues and the bloodstream, causing widespread inflammation.

What Can You Do?

What you do after an accident occurs will determine the success of the treatment. Apart from visiting the dentist immediately after an accident occurs, it is important to control the bleeding using a teabag or gauze pad. You can also use ice packs to stop swelling, rinse the mouth with warm water to remove debris, and preserve the teeth in milk (if they are completely knocked out).

Take Action

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