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Teeth extractions are not very common. Dentists believe in preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible. However, they are inevitable when you have dental trauma or advanced gum disease. Fortunately, when the dentist in NE Calgary pulls out teeth, they offer several replacement options. Read on to find out how dentures restore your smile after extractions.

What Are Dentures?

They are teeth replacements consisting of a removable gum-colored plate and a frame holding false teeth. Dentures fit snugly over your gums to replace the missing teeth and tissues. They are made from acrylic (plastic), nylon, and metallic materials. The dentist will custom-make them to fit in your mouth and function perfectly.

Dentures in Calgary can replace a few missing or all teeth in the mouth. Those that replace a few teeth are named partial dentures. Dentures that replace all teeth or the entire jaw arch are full dentures. You can get dentures immediately after a dental extraction.

Alternatively, you can get them after several months. This gives your gums time to heal after the teeth removal procedure. Dentures obtained right away after extraction is known as immediate dentures.

Can You Get Temporary Teeth While Waiting for Dentures?

Yes, you can get temporary teeth while waiting for permanent dentures. After tooth extractions, a gap in your smile will impact your looks and dental function. Most people are embarrassed to appear in public with a missing tooth. Fortunately, immediate dentures can help you avoid the embarrassment of being toothless.

Benefits and Process for Getting Immediate Dentures

One factor that causes anxiety when considering dental extractions is remaining toothless. Fortunately, with immediate dentures, you can have your teeth removed and replaced on the same day. These restorations allow you to have new teeth right away instead of waiting for weeks as the gums heal.

However, you must visit the dentist near you before the main extraction procedure. On the initial visit, your dentist will check your eligibility for immediate dentures. They will evaluate your oral health condition, age, and immunity. In addition, they will determine whether you have blood clotting issues. If they decide that dentures are suitable for you, they will proceed.

When getting complete dentures, the dentist may extract your back molars a few weeks prior to removing the rest of the teeth. This ensures these areas of your gums will heal when you get dentures. As a result, you will eat without pain while the rest of the mouth heals.

Next, the expert will take impressions and dimensions of your mouth. These facilitate the creation of customized immediate dentures. These fit in your mouth perfectly. On the day of your extraction, the dentist will place the pre-made dentures on your gums.

They will restore your smile and chewing and speaking ability right away. Then, they will allow your gums to heal and fit you for permanent dentures. Apart from restoring your smile right away, immediate dentures also help to:

  • Reduce bleeding
  • Protect the extraction socket
  • Prevent jaw atrophy
  • Avoid embarrassment
  • Maintain current lifestyle
  • Restore chewing and talking ability immediately

Appointment to Get the Best Dentures Treatment at Zen Dental

We offer various types of dentures at Zen Dental. Each is suited for patients based on their oral health, preference, and lifestyle. Our team will evaluate your mouth and oral and overall fitness before recommending a denture type.

They may recommend full dentures to replace all the teeth in your mouth. These restore your smile and help you achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance. The experts may also recommend partial dentures that are removable or fixed.

If you want dentures that look natural and do not slip when you talk or eat, they will recommend overdentures. These are implant-retained dentures. They can be supported by six or four strategically placed dental implants. Patients who want to walk out with their smile intact after extraction can consider getting immediate dentures.

We also offer other dental restorations, such as crowns, implants, and bridges. So, we are your best option when considering tooth extractions in Calgary, followed by teeth restorations. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will determine which restorations best suit your smile and face. Then, we will recommend an ideal option for a perfect smile.

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