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Dentures (full and partial) have been the go-to option for replacing missing teeth for over a century. We have seen them evolve into the lifelike tooth replacements they are today. Today, they are still allowing people to revamp their smiles even after missing teeth.

But they are no longer sitting atop the top replacement list. Dental implants in Calgary are now the crème de la crème of tooth replacements. The tooth replacement scene has never been the same since they emerged in the market. Nothing comes close to having your natural teeth, but dental implants come close.

Understanding the Drawbacks of Traditional Dentures for Missing Teeth

Dentures today are more durable and natural than people used decades ago. However, they still need adhesive and fastenings to keep them in place; therefore, the potential embarrassment is always around the corner.

Even though they are convenient, pocket-friendly, and the procedure is relatively quick, they are slowly losing their customer base to dental implants. The reasons for the switch are that dentures have certain drawbacks that dental implants solve, and they are:


Dentures have two distinct parts of high-quality acrylic: the teeth and the gum-colored base. The fake teeth are attached to the gum-colored base. However, there is no definitive way dentures can get attached to the mouth besides using adhesives or suction.

But as you know, your natural teeth are anchored in the jaw bone, which gives you the liberty to talk and chew food. But, dentures, especially removable dentures, are not stable. They can shift or fall out of the mouth when you talk or eat. Therefore, when it comes to functionality, they are a bit wanting.

Cleaning Is Cumbersome

Removable dentures cannot be properly cleaned when they are in the mouth. You must remove them before bed and when you wake up to clean them. You must also place them in a denture-cleaning solution to ensure they are clean.

They retain food debris, meaning they can be a hub of bacteria. So, you must clean them often to remove the food debris and bacteria.

Frequent Replacements

Dentures are not as sturdy as natural teeth, so you can expect to replace them after some years, usually five to 10 years. Also, they need adjustment when your mouth changes, so they will not fit and will need replacement. You might have to replace or rebase them.

They Are Removable

Even though having removable teeth may have some perks, it surely doesn’t beat having permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are more enjoyable than loose teeth since you will have to deal with teeth making clicking noises.

Reduced Chewing Ability

It is way more difficult to chew when wearing dentures. They might help you enjoy some foods, but they make it harder to chew food. Also, since they are not anchored, you might chew food, and they will shift.

Shrinking Jawbone

Teeth help stimulate the jawbone making it stronger. But when you lose your teeth, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate. Since dentures are not attached to the jawbone, they don’t give it enough stimulation, so it might shrink.

A Closer Look At Their Natural Look, Feel, and Functionality

On the other hand, dental implants in NE Calgary are crafted to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Tooth implants have three distinct parts that make them versatile and give them the best chance of mimicking natural teeth in every aspect.

First, they have a root-sized screw-like post, which our dentist near you surgically inserts in your jawbone. The screw-like post replaces your tooth root; therefore, it offers stability. That’s why tooth implants function like natural teeth.

Second, they have crowns that cover the implants. These crowns can be fashioned from high-quality ceramic or porcelain. Porcelain almost looks and feels like your natural teeth. So, when you have a crown made from porcelain, it matches the sheen and color of the rest of your teeth.

How Dental Implants Promote Bone Preservation and Prevent Facial Sagging

Jawbone deterioration goes hand in hand with tooth loss. Jawbone needs constant pressure from chewing to maintain its density. It is the same way your muscles atrophy when not using them.

But dental implants are placed in the jawbone, which provides the necessary pressure to maintain jawbone density.

Dental implants also help maintain the facial muscles and prevent sagging and wrinkles of the face since they are as stable as your natural teeth.

As you can see, dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth. Contact us at Zen Dental if you need them.

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